b. 1991 in Lecco (IT);
    based in Stockholm (SE).


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Mundo Perdido (1)
Mundo Perdido (2)(3)

(2) Collage series. Details from aerial photographs of melting glaciers and architectural details (found material). 2016. 

(3) Reproduction of the stairgate of Tikal Temple II - also called Mundo Perdido -, satellite view. Pulverised and cast jurassic limestone, polystyrene. Model scale 1:10. 2016. 

Views from Uppsala Konstmuseum (S). 

ADP Group exhibition in EIB Kirchberg, Luxembourg (LU), With Cooking Sections, Astrid Myntaeker asd Johan Österholm. 2016. Ph. Johan Österholm. (img)

ADP Artists development program residency in Luxembourg (LU), mentored my Darren Almond and supported by EIB. June 2016.

Digging for Fire, Master-degree exhibition at Gävlegatan 10, Stockholm (S). 2016.

Digging for Fire, Master-degree exhibition at Bildmuseet, Umeå (S). 2016.