Rehearsing Brutality, until it is totally destroyed

at Schauwerk Sindelfingen
closed rehearsal 2020

Diatomaceous earth, ballet dancer

with Matteo Miccini and Alessandro Giaquinto

views by Tine Bek
«(...) The foundation of Bugatti’s performance work is a seemingly solid shape of a soft pink ancient powder called rotten stone that she found by randomly searching the internet. (...)

A common thread in her work is a fascination for what role materials have in our world, especially if they are in contrast with how they are being displayed. In this specific work the performer moves in close proximity to the cube, adopting stereotypes of masculine poses – copied from military training and sports – that contrast strongly with the cube’s color but at the same time respond to the material and the monumentality that comes with it. (...)

As the performer continues to strike his poses, he begins to repeat his movements, and through this repetition his poses lose the meaning of masculinity, in fact they transform into a sequence, a certain rhythm. The mirroring of the movements creates an ultimate cycle in which we are made to forget where the work begins and where it ends.»

/Sarie Nijboer
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