Mundo Perdido

at Uppsala Konstmuseum (SE) 2016
group exhibition Stiftelsen Anna-Lisa Thomson till Minne

These works are the outcome of a study on the Mayan complex Mundo Perdido (Lost World). Thousands of people visited the site in 2012 in relation to the prophecy announcing the end of the world. The weight and pressure from the bodies of the tourists made the staircase collapse.

    Mundo Perdido
    (1) Building material samples from the room in which the work is presented (wood, sand brick, drywall) and powdered pink marble, 2016- .
  (2) Collage series. Details from aerial photographs of melting glaciers and architectural details (found material). 2016.
  (3) Reproduction of the stairgate of Tikal Temple II - also called Mundo Perdido -, satellite view. Pulverised and cast jurassic limestone, polystyrene. Model scale 1:10. 2016.