Rörelsemönster (Movement Patterns)

at Mint Konsthall, Stockholm
solo exhibition Rörelsemönster

curated by Ingrid Svahn

lighting design by Seth Margolies
views by Johan Österholm


    All and one point. We were things she swallowed.
HD video diptych, 2022. In collaboration with Sebastian Moske.
    But there were four seasons and the hours run their cycle around midday and midnight.
Alpine marble (crushed, filtered and washed), 2016.
    Study for a Monument I
Jellified Carrara marble, 2021.

«The exhibition Movement Patterns explores the meeting between the body and the monument, the fragile and the eternal, movement and stillness, history and memory.

Movement patterns can be something deeply personal, unique to each person. They can be seen from a distance — human activity as dots on a satellite image from above. They can be discerned throughout history — how the pendulum swings back and forth. They are found in materials — through sedimentation processes, marble can tell us what has slowly been created over time.

In her artistic practice, Chiara Bugatti examines materials that seems to have lost their main function. Through three works of sculpture, installation and video, she explores the memory of materials, their historical associations and narrative possibilities, such as allowing marble to break down to then re-emerge in perishable room installations, or possibly eternal forms. Sudden external influence, or slow decomposition processes, make visible the fragile and temporary in the constant and solid, when human movement is put in relation to monumental stillness.»

/Ingrid Svahn

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