Getting lost in the middle of a sentence

at Haninge Konsthall
solo exhibition

views by Johan Österholm

    The impossibility of total destruction
9:16 Video installation, LOOP_ 21min. 27sec.

Directed by Chiara Bugatti. 2023.
Text Manuel Schwab
Acting Anna Nolte
Music Ben Osborn
Camera Karl-Oskar Gustafsson
Drone Hector Manuel Barrera Yaranga
Sound Carl-Johan Renner
Editing Lucia Diaz Losantos, Chiara Bugatti
Produced with support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (SE).
    Of being forgotten (gypsum)
Site specific intervention: drywall boards, sanded wall. 2023.

    Of being forgotten (calcium)
Seashells, limestone fossils, sea tumbled marble from Carrara, human teeth, piano strings. 2023.

    Of being forgotten (loop)
Pencil, DC motor, pedestals. 2023.


Sculptural studies. 2023.

1. Glass globes from dismissed power plant, electrical components
2. (Pupils) Unglazed clay, metal oxides, sea- and tap water
3. Pealed footballs
4. Aquariums, 99% tap water, 1% seaweed extract
5. (Marée) Cardboard, silver, gypsum
6. Gypsum, polyurethane, plastic ball

︎ text by Estudio Jochamowitz-Rivera and Manuel Schwab.