Between here and there

at Borås Konstmuseum (SE) 2018
group exhibition A Grin without a Cat, Borås international sculpture biennal. 

curated by Power Ekroth

        No one else in the world.
Stainless steel, welder’s glass DIN14. 2018.
    Between here and there.
Electrical components, CPU fan, Peltier Device, humidity; building modules, steel, digitally pigmented and pulverised wall plaster. 2018. 

«Outside the museum, a sun observation device is built with the type of welding glass normally used for watching eclipses. It is cut in the exact dimensions of an iPhone 7. We believe the sky and the celestial sphere to be as blue, like it is always represented, but the universe actually started out young and blue and gradually grew more red as the myriad of stars evolved and aged. The average colour of the universe is called “Cosmic Latte #FFF8E7”. Bugatti disperses the light that forms Cosmic Latte into a spectrum of colours, and uses a group of objects to embody the cosmic palette in an installation. Here you also find a temperature device where the liquid on top gets colder as the platform underneath warms up, a parallel with the relationship between the temperature on earth and in outer space (-270,43ºC), which is still cooling off after the Big Bang, while the earth is getting warmer and warmer.

Chiara Bugatti’s sculptures could be described as a rare hybrid of hyper-science and extreme material sensuality. The physical properties and historical connotations of the material she uses in her complex installations are also in close dialogue with the specifics of the space they inhabit, and the works interact and generate new meanings. Drawing from sciences such as cosmology, meteorology, geology, archaeology, art and the history of architecture, she creates her own universe, which, in turn, explores our surroundings. » 

/Power Ekroth 
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