Electrical components, CPU fan, Peltier device, humidity; building modules, steel, digitally pigmented and pulverised wall plaster. 2018.

Installation views from Borås Konstmuseum, International sculpture biennial 2018. Curated by Power Ekroth.

“We believe the sky and the celestial sphere to be as blue, like it is always represented, but the universe actually started out young and blue and gradually grew more red as the myriad of stars evolved and aged. The average colour of the universe is now “Cosmic Latte, #FFF8E7”.
C. Bugatti collected data, images and recordings that sensors constantly send to Earth from outer space. These informations tell us about temperature, humidity, light, smells, movements (...) and create an ideal image of a landscape.

In this installation she uses a group of objects, building materials and powdered pigmented plaster to embody the cosmic palette as it looks like today.

Here you also find a temperature device where the upper part gets colder as the platform underneath warms up building up ice crystals from the particles of humidity present in the space. The mechanism function in relation to the temperature inside the exhibition space and behaves as a parallel to the relationship between the temperature on Earth (rising constantly) and in outer space (still cooling off after the Big Bang - reaching -270,43°C at the present time).”