X Alessandro Giaquinto and Das Stuttgarter Balett at Stuttgart Staatstheater

Scenography for contemporary ballet:
Replica of backstage bearing architectural structure, replica of gravel, metal mesh, motors and electrical components.

at Schauspielhaus Staatstheater, Stuttgart (DE)

choreography by Alessandro Giaquinto
costumes by Mylla Ek
light design by Rüdiger Benz

music arrangement by Claudio Borgianni

Anouk Van Der Weijde, Giulia Diana Frosi, Joana Senra, Aurora De Mori, Ruth Schultz, Daniele Silingardi, Marti Fernandez Paixa, Riccardo Ferlito and Timoor Afshar.

  «What is loss actually made of? And how can it be told? 

A theatre stage is usually a vehicle to create illusions, a medium to transport the audience to another — fictional — space.
But what if we stay there instead, now? The stage is no longer a tool but just a space for the dancers to inhabit; its emptiness allows its vulnerabilties to be exposed and the fragility of its materiality to come to the fore in moments of presence and absence, through repetitions, delays, slow disappearance and sudden interruptions. To me, Ascaresa tackles the notion of loss through the echoes it produces. »