A Place of Fantastic Flora/Brute Force

at Akademie Schloss Solitude

Acrylic, agar-agar, spirulina blue-green algae, water, posthorn freshwater snails. 2020.

Photographic series. 2020.

This work originated as a model, an observation tool for finding a common language with the dancers during the realisation of the performance series Rehearsing Brutality, until it is totally destroyed (link).

Below: excerpt from series. 

«We see a transparent cube filled with water. Inside is another cube consisting of green spirulina. Attached to this green emulsion are several small soft-pink freshwater snails. The cube floats, which was not the case when it first entered the water. The work is by visual artist and former Solitude fellow Chiara Bugatti, who after many tests was able to transform the green algae powder into a cube – which retained its form in the water and did not dissolve – and thus became a liveable space the snails inhabited. Not long after the snails were living in the acrylic cube, the cube of spirulina rotated in the water. It was a magical and unexpected moment that subsequently became part of Bugatti’s further experiments. (...)»

/Sarie Nijboer
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