Chiara Bugatti

    b. 1991 in Lecco (IT);
    based in Stockholm (S).


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IASPIS Studio fellowship in Stockholm (S), The Swedish Arts Grants committee. July 1st - Sept. 30th 2021.

Rehearsing Brutality, until it is totally destroyed at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (DE). Performance in collaboration with choreographer Alessandro Giaquinto and Das Stuttgart Ballet. Scheduled Dec. 18th 2020 > POSTPONED

The vitality of objects. Resonances, Repair, Responsibility, Renewal, 15th Triennial of small-scale sculpture in Fellbach (DE). June 5th - Oct. 1st 2022.


(link) SITE ZONES, online publication, interview and video release, April 2021. 

(trailer) Brute Force, Il Bigio (Foolish). Video, 14’ 53’’, 2021. Text by Manuel Schwab.

Beyond Walls, group exhibition at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (DE), Curated by Sebastian Schneider and Elke aus dem Moore - prolonged until April 25th 2021. 

A Place of Fantastic Flora (habitat study)
x Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.
Unglazed clay vessels, ventilation pipes, industrial absorbent foam, farming salt lick, Black Forest mineral water. 2020

(studio) | (still) (still) (still) | (video doc) (txt)

(link to lab) Of Public Interest, post-master course at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm (S). Prof. Jonas Dahlberg and Jasmine Hinks. 2020-2021.

Guest tutor at Umeå Art Academy (S), Autumn and Spring term 2020/2021.


Ab Nox, Ad Lux book release at Canopy, Malmö (S). Paper publication by Aber Press. March 20th 2021. 

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(studio visit) A process of rehearsing, the cube and random moments of destruction, studio visit with Sarie Nijboer on Akademie Schloss Solitude Blog. Feb. 2021. 

The Sensory Living: A substance of the World on Beyond Walls _Über Grenzen hinhaus, paper publication by Solitude Press. Designed by Johanna Ehde and Elisabeth Rafstedt of Rietlanden Women’s Office. Dec. 2020.
“To see a wave one must perceive all its simultaneous components and understand the correlation between them.

As my body entered the room, I could hear the air beating. Drops were glazing from my skin; dripping, falling, trickling. My gaze was drawn to the architecture of the room and I could feel a sensation surrounding my ears. It was a hissing sound approaching me, but as soon as it arrived it faded again. Where did she disappear to? This refreshing feeling she gave to my body created a sense of peace and well-being and all I could think about was wanting it back.
I could sense the air breathing, because I was breathing it too. Water evaporated into the air, and I needed it to protect my skin. The more time I spent in this room, the more I wanted to grow and evolve. My existence did not go unnoticed either, my skin pulled water and air, and the more I absorbed, the more I transformed. Nothing ever stays the same.
Have you ever seen such a simple mechanism that constantly arises and vanishes? Almost like a wave, rhyming with varying frequencies. While standing in this room, I could feel my surface rhyming with all that surrounded me, and all I could do was simply evolve and be.” S.N. (txt.pdf)

Sculptural Failure, on materials and vulnerability, one-week workshop for second year Bachelor students at Umeå Art Academy (S) Oct. 12th-16th 2020.

(link) Brute Force Performance and Artist Talk in collaboration with choreographer Alessandro Giaquinto and dancer Matteo Miccini from Das Stuttgart Ballett - in occasion of the symposium Paradoxes of Progress curated by Akademie Schloss Solitude and University of Tübingen. March 7th 2020. 
Rehearsing Brutality, until it is totally destroyed.

Performance. Classical ballet dancer and 60 kg of diatomaceous earth. 2020.

(video) - after the performance.

Ph. Tine Bek.  Rehearsals at Schauwerk Sindelfingen. 2020.

(link) Akademie Schloss Solitude, fellowship and residency program, Stuttgart (DE). Chosen by Catherine David. Sep. 2019 - Mar. 2020.